The influence a celebrity can have in swaying a brand’s success in today’s marketplace is undeniable. So what does it take to put your product in the right celebrity hands, secure the perfect placement or get your spokesperson on Oprah? At Glocal Strategy Sports & Entertainment, connecting brands to the latest pop culture trends is our game. Building client relationships with target-right sports and entertainment properties is our passion. we use entertainment channels to help generate an emotional connection with your target audience. We’ll help you:

• negotiate with celebrity talent for strategic media representation, personal appearances, product or company endorsements and event participation

• generate awareness for your brand through celebrity and influencer outreach programs, including awards shows, event gift bags and VIP lounges

• secure music and property licensing contracts that best support your marketing message

By strategically linking your business or product to relevant entertainment-based vehicles, We will integrate your brand in a real and personal way with key consumers.

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